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      Serbatoi Lng Microbulk Per i Paesi Aseani

      2021 / 08 / 18 31

      Gas Natural rises as an important pillar of energy supply in the ASEAN region, not only for economical cost, but also for environmental friendly benefits. Microbulk tanks are the best solution or small and medium scaled LNG users, and the most competitive distribution method for virtual pipeline LNG companies.

      Victank produces microbulk tanks with customized design for LNG application, incl BOG usage, EAG collecting and venting, LNG safety valves and etc. Recently, a batch of LNG microbulk tanks are shipped to our client in ASEAN, and hope our clients win the SME LNG market.

      Besides, Victank also supply the LNG microbulk station, which is a completely LNG regas station incl LNG storage, vaporizing, regulation, odorizing, metering and etc.